The Republic of Ireland occupies 70,282 sq. km. of the island of Ireland which has a total area of 84,421 sq. km. It is located in the extreme north-west of the European continent lying between 51° and 55° north latitude and 5° and 10° west longitude. The Atlantic Ocean washes Ireland’s its northern, southern and western shores and the Irish Sea to the East.

Ireland is famous for Irish music and dancing as well as its pub culture, Guinness stout, and a rich history of folklore and religion.

Ireland Races on a Map

Bray 10km Cliff Run @ Bray, Wicklow, Ireland on 05 April 2013


This trail running event will see you make your way back to Bray from Greystones via the cliff trail. You will start the run at the far end of Greystones beach, make your way along the shore line to the Cliff where you will follow the train lines back to Bray while experiencing the stunning […]

Womens Adventure Race @ Killary Adventure Centre, Leenane, Ireland on 26 July 2014


We are the Gaelforce women and we have designed this race for us and for you. It is for women only and celebrates fit, healthy, determined, enthusiastic and wonderful women just like us and just like you. It is Ireland’s first Women’s Adventure Race. It is the perfect distance (27km), the perfect combination and the […]

Gaelforce West @ Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland on 16 August 2014


The original and still the best This has always been the one to conquer and to master. It is challenging, unique and the magnificent landscape through which you travel will wow you at every turn.

67km course spanning two counties The route takes you from Glassilaun beach in Co Galway to the heritage town of […]

Mooathon Donegal Marathon @ Downings GAA Club, Downings, Donegal, Ireland on 28 September 2014


Half or Full marathon distance, taking in the fantastic scenery of Donegal’s Atlantic Coastline.

The event has a cow theme and fancy dress awards are given. Minimum requirement for runners is that they wear black and white.

The course is hilly and challenging, but the scenery is majestic and will take your mind off the […]

Turf Warrior Challenge @ Killary Adventure Centre, Leenane, Co. Galway, Ireland on 01 November 2014


Turf Warrior is the obstacle course challenge that is packed full of adventure, mud, climbing, swinging, leaps into the Atlantic and all kinds of other mayhem and madness.

Free entry to the themed party at Killary Adventure Company is included for all warriors, so you can get together for a well earned drink, swap stories […]

Run the Gauntlet @ Kate Kearneys Cottage, Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland on 16 November 2014


One of the toughest Half Marathon events in Ireland. There and back through the Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland.

Participant T-shirts awarded strictly according to finish times. Are you tough enough to win the T-shirt colour you want? Are you quick enough?

Gaelforce Sky Run @ Killary Adventure Centre, Leenane, Co Galway, Ireland on 07 March 2015


The Gaelforce Sky Run is a unique mountain running event taking place in the Maamturk mountains in Connemara, Co Galway. This stunning route is accessible only for the event and covers 22km and 3 peaks. The Gaelforce Sky Run is suitable for experienced mountain runners only. A prize fund of €1000 will be on offer […]

Mullingar Half Marathon (In aid of Childline) @ Mullingar Town Centre, Westmeath, Ireland on 17 March 2015


The race will start from the centre of Mullingar town and head into the scenic wilderness of the Westmeath country side, taking in its bog-land and the beautiful Royal Canal. As you can imagine with a bog-land and canal run, it will be flat. The finish line will be right in the centre of Mullingar […]

Bray 10km Cliff Run @ Greystones to Bray, Greystones to Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland on 04 April 2015


10km Cliff Run from Greystones to Bray in Co Wicklow on a spring evening with stunning views over Dublin Bay. This is no ordinary trail run and the varied terrain of cliff paths, beach and promenade will keep you challenged. Finish the evening with the free event after-party with live music, food and dancing!